Pockets holds weekly workshops for children who are home educated to come together and learn about theatre and drama.


These workshops take place every Friday afternoon at the Pudsey Wellbeing Centre, from 2.30 to 4.15, upstairs in the community hall.


There is a group for older children and a group for younger, usually one of these sessions will run each week, and the other the week after. Please click here for a current schedule.


Each workshop has a different theme, so you can join at any point in the process. Workshops range from story telling to movement, improvisation to script writing, Shakespeare to the Ancient Greeks, all with lots of theatre games and fun.


We want to create an environment that places the children at the heart of the learning experience, encouraging them to share their knowledge, exploring and challenging ideas. Children who come to the sessions will help decide what the themes of future workshops could be. 


Your first session is free, we then ask for a voluntary contribution of £3 for each workshop to help supply materials.

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